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Showing Your Home

As soon as your REALTOR® lists your home on the MLS, you should expect to start receiving calls from agents asking to show your home.

Need to be Flexible

This process of showing your home is exciting but can also be burdensome if you still live in the home. Regardless, it’s important to show your home to as many prospects as possible, especially during the first few weeks. While a showing may not always be convenient or work with your schedule, especially those that come up at the last minute, you need to be flexible and welcome any opportunity to show your home.

Always Use a SentriLock Lockbox

Never open the door for the agent or buyer, or leave the front door unlocked. Use the lockbox provided by your REALTOR®, which will keep track of visitors and ensure only licensed active REALTORS® can access your home.

Using your lockbox has a number of advantages, including:

  • More Showings - lockboxes enable agents to show your home more easily, which means a better chance of receiving an offer.
  • Enhanced Safety - not only can lockboxes be programmed to let people in only during certain hours, but they also keep a record of who opened them. This electronic record can help track down troublemakers, should any problems arise.
  • Prospective Buyer Follow Up - your REALTOR® can use the recorded information to follow up with buyers who passed on your house and ask them what they didn’t like about it. This information can help you and your REALTOR® better understand how to make your home sell.
Make the Home Warm and Welcoming

Follow these tips to make your home look warm and welcoming:

  • Open curtains and blinds.
  • Turn on all lights at least ten minutes prior to the showing - fixtures, lamps, porch lights, garage, attic, basement, etc.
  • Keep the lights on both day and night. Having the lights on at night creates a warm, homey feel and keeping the lights on during the day helps keep out unflattering shadows created by the sun.
Quickly Tidy Up Your Home

Even though you may still be living in it, try to keep your home as clean as possible while it is on the market. The cleaner you keep it the easier it is to make it ready for a last-minute showing. Before a potential buyer enters your home, make sure the entryway is clean, wipe down the bathroom and kitchen surfaces, empty the dishwasher, make all beds and put away any clutter and dirty laundry. A clean and orderly home will improve the chances that a prospective buyer will like your home.

Provide Drinks and Snacks

Serious buyers will see many homes in a day and they will welcome a drink and snack, especially if they are visiting your home later in the day. Bottled water and cookies or granola bars will do the trick. This simple act of hospitality will enhance the overall experience.

Turn the Music Off

Buyers may not like your taste in music, and don’t play music to try to cover up outside noises. Let them hear the noise and decide for themselves whether it’s an issue. However, if you have a media room it’s definitely ok to put on a show or movie to show off the technology.

Have a Pet Plan

Pets are a major distraction for buyers, so it’s a good idea to take your pet with you when it’s time for a showing. If this is not possible then use a crate, preferably in the backyard, laundry room or garage. Warn potential buyers that your pets are still present to avoid any surprises. Make sure that you can follow your pet plan at a moment’s notice.

Leave Your Home

Once you schedule the time of the showing, you should leave your home while the REALTOR® is showing it to a potential buyer. Your presence in the home during a showing nearly always has a negative effect since it will make a potential buyer uncomfortable proving feedback to the REALTOR®. If there’s a reason why you can’t leave (perhaps your baby is napping), you should still allow the REALTOR® to show your home, but stay out of sight.

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